Dear fellow student,

Due to the introduction of the 9-Euro-Ticket, students at the TU Darmstadt are entitled to a refund of the additional price of the semester ticket. If you are studying at TU Darmstadt in the summer semester and have paid for the ticket, you can apply for this refund here.

Applications are possible until: 31.10.2022

To apply for a refund you will need:
  • your TU-ID
  • the corresponding password
  • an IBAN and BIC for the account we should transfer the money to
If you do not have a SEPA-Area bank account you can ask a friend or familiy member for support and just use their account. If that is not possible please reach out to us via e-mail so we can find a solution for your case. This will obviously take longer than the normal procedure.

Everything ready?


Due to the introduction of the 9-Euro-Ticket, the transport associations were allowed to carry out refunds for customers with season tickets. Due to the cost difference in the students tickets for medical engineering students compared to the other courses of studies, the refund will be:

  • 84.40€ for students enrolled in medical engineering
  • 37.49€ for all other students
You are only elegible for the refund if you were enrolled at TU Darmstadt in the summer semester 2022, paid the semester fee and did not get a refund yet.

The AStA

More than just semesterticket

Did you know that the AStA represents your political interests at the university and beyond?

In addition to our political work, we run offers such as
  • the semesterticket
  • Call-a-bike cooperation
  • Free admission to cultural events (Staatstheater, Mollerhaus and more)
  • Commercial presentations
    • 806qm
    • Schlosskeller and -garten
    • Zwanzig° bicycle workshop
    • Papierladen
and that's just part of what the AStA does.

You can find more information on our homepage